Nine Patch Kind of Night

Today was very productive around the workroom. I’ve been putting together stuffed reindeer to sell in my sisters gift shop.

The reindeer are made of flannel and have felt antlers and saddle. Some will have jingle bell collars and others will have bow ties.

Sample Reindeer

These cute little guys have seemingly taken over my life. 20 stuffed animals is A-LOT of non-quilt sewing.

Luckily, after I had a run in with a hot glue gun, I came to my senses and got back to work on my Split 9 Patch. I am using 2.5″ Squares and Half Square Triangles to assemble these blocks.

Aren’t they adorable? They go together very fast and are using up a ton of scraps.

I am laying the quilt out in 6×6 block sections which will look like this.

I’m thinking they need a floating neutral border but time will tell. I’m thinking this will be the first full pattern I release on the blog.

Are patterns what you like to see? Or do you like to read about daily life. Let me know in the comments.

Until tomorrow,

The Quilt Police

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