Good evening, everyone! Just a quick introduction to myself and my blog.

I am a 25 year old woman and an avid scrap quilter. I have been quilting for five years and credit my mother in law for introducing me to this amazing hobby and community of quilters.

I am a fur-mother to two adorable dogs and one cat. I spend most of my time off of work at home with my husband and animals.

I work as a Policewoman for a small municipal police department in Wisconsin. Many of my friends have joked that I am the “actual quilt Police” and thus was born the name of this blog. Disclaimer: I am NOT the Quilt Police. I believe that every quilter has a different method and opinion of what is beautiful. I believe that mistakes add interest and keep us human. And most of all, I believe that scrappy is wonderful!

I have several quilting idols, but top of the list is Bonnie K. Hunter of . Several of my very first quilts came from the free patterns tab on Bonnie’s blog, as well as the yearly mystery quilt.

Throwback to my first Quiltville Mystery, “Grand Illusion”

My current projects include a Split 9 Patch, a Patriotic Sampler and an original design I am calling “Sunflower Fields”. I also have a few string quilts bouncing around in my head, but those will stay put until I cross some things off my UFO list!

If you are reading this I would love to hear from you. What are you working on? What are your quilting goals? What inspires you?

Best Regards,

The Quilt Police

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